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Leg Butt Hip & Thigh Workouts and Exercises, 'Home' Issue
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 Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology --

"Buns, Buttocks, Glutes, Bum, Booty...
Call it What You Wish...

Here's How To Get Your Backside Firmly Lifted, Rounded And Tightly Toned, With the Best Butt Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime...

No Weights, No Machines, No Sweaty Gym...

by Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology

Do You Want to Get Rid of Saddle Bags,
Nasty Mushy Flab, Extra Layers of Fat
or Unattractive, Bumpy Cellulite?

Maybe You Want to Prevent These
 Unsightly Things As You Get Older?

Do You Have Flat and
Saggy Butt Syndrome?


Today is going to be a good day for you, no matter what improvements you desire for your buttocks, glutes or buns.

The truth is, I've been waiting for you because I know how to help you. Yes, I understand you may not know me, yet.

No problem, I can understand and appreciate that.

Just keep reading to learn all about how you can fix the things about your butt, leg, hip and thigh area that you are unhappy with by using the simple methods and moves I've learned over the past 19 years.

As you know 'Things Happen For a Reason'. And you found this website for a reason. Most likely, because you are unhappy with some of your physical attributes and you are ready to make some serious changes. Or you may just want to make what you have a little better. Well, today is your lucky day! Read on to find out why...

Joey Atlas, Giving a Seminar For
Personal Trainers in May of 2005

Take a close look at this picture. See me pointing at the entire buns, glutes, hip and thigh area.

This photo was taken during a seminar for other trainers who wanted to learn the most effective types of exercises and workouts for this area of the body. The majority of the trainers who were in attendance work with
women ranging from very out of shape and overweight all the way to fitness competitors and models.

The biggest lesson I tried to get through to everyone that day is one that if understood by any woman - she will be able to make stunning and dramatic improvements to her bum that may have seemed impossible before. Here is that lesson: All of these muscles in the glutes, buttocks and thigh area ARE CONNECTED. No, not at the cellular level - but at the biomechanical, and probably more importantly to you, at the aesthetic and cosmetic level.

The concept of making staggering improvements in the appearance of the female lower body becomes extremely simple and relatively fast, once it is understood that all of these muscles are very close together and function in such a way that if presented with the right exercise program, amazing things happen, not as a function of how much you 'kill yourself' but rather as a function of just being consisitent with the proper workout routine.

Another ridiculous misconception I tried to help my attendees understand was this: You do not have to make someone lift heavy weights and push and pull on all these different weighted machines to bring about drastic changes and tear jerking results for your female clients and the things that are most important to them.


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This is just an old dangerous myth based on the roots of the fitness and personal training industry, which started with bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, and for that one reason alone, not everyone needs to work out as such. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Fat, Flab & Cellulite Get Removed From the Buns

Another very big misperception presented itself when a trainer raised her hand about halfway through the seminar and asked, "Joey, How is it that your method of helping women with their buttocks area is basically the same for women who are overweight and need to lose fat & just tone the glutes up a bit and for women who are not overweight, maybe even underweight, & need to build up their butt and upper thigh area?"

Now many years ago, when I was just a young new trainer, I would have asked the same question. (Because there is no such thing as a dumb question!!) But with experience, time and practice comes wisdom and hence my answer:

"The truth is, both of these women need to be on a very similar type program with just one small but CRITICAL difference in their overall nutrition habits. You see, both types of women want toned, firm, defined and shapely buns and thighs - the only difference is one has to lose weight in the process while the other most likely needs to gain some weight, as would be the case for, lets say, a woman who thinks her butt is too flat and legs too small or abnormally thin."

Flat Butt Gets Round & Perky, Scrawny Thighs and Legs Get Sculpted With Full Curves

"Put simply, the overweight women would follow my type of program while being mindful of her daily caloric intake in order to lose weight and reshape & sculpt her buttocks and thighs. And the woman who wants to build up her glutes would follow the same workout (maybe adding some LIGHT handweights) and would carefully increase her daily caloric intake so as to allow the body to basically create more of itself in the desired areas - the buttocks and thighs."

So what would the woman, who is kind of in the middle somewhere, need to do? She is pretty happy with her weight but is a bit soft and flabby, no muscle tone or muscle shape, maybe even a bit bumpy in certain spots (the appearance of cellulite). These types of clients are usually just a little easier than the types of women on both ends of the spectrum. The reason why is great results come relatively quickly without even having the need to change nutritional habits.

So what does this mean to us today?

Well, as a result of the successes of the MANY female clients whose lives have improved dramatically because of my teachings and philosophy, I was urged to put my simple programs on DVDs, knowing how many other women are seeking to make the same exact improvements all around the world. My workouts were actually on DVD in very rough form, so my female clients could take these with them if they were to be away on business or vacation for extended periods of time. My first few clients to use these travel fitness DVDs absolutely loved them and told me straight out,

"Joey, you'd be a fool if you did not put these workout videos into a package that you can sell to women everywhere - you have to do it!" And so I did. But more on that later...

The best question that was asked (by Tom) at the seminar was this one:

"I think we'll all agree that this approach will work extremely well for almost all women, but can this type of program help men?" The reality is, this question gets a 'yes' and 'no' answer and here is why:

"Tom, I'm glad you asked that question because this type of training plan WILL ONLY help men who are interested in having athletic looking glutes and thighs & nicely shaped, defined legs. This program WILL NOT work for the guy who wants to build a very big, puffy, almost swollen looking lower body, such as that of a bodybuilder or powerlifter."

Because of nature's gender specific differences, men will naturally build a bit more muscle on this program and women generally build less. Testosterone and genetic profiles dictate the differences in results between genders.

So you have the same type of program performed by two genders (male & female, of course) and you get two different results - the exact type of results we are all after - THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE! My years of training both male and female clients has been like my own little 'secret experiment' to see how this type of exercise program helps both genders.

And my question to you is this:

Do You Want To Improve Your Bum, Buttocks or Glutes?

Let me clarify...

Do you want to get rid of unnecessary, unhealthy and embarrassing fat, flab or cellulite?

Do you want to look good, I mean REALLY GOOD in a pair of hot jeans?

Or, do you want to build up a butt area that never 'filled out'?

Do you have the Flat Butt & Stick Leg syndrome? - you know what I mean - no sexy curves, no curvy muscle tone that makes other people take notice & makes you feel good, happy & confident about yourself - confident enough to wear a bathing suit/bikini IN PUBLIC?.

Did you inherit nasty 'saddle bags' that you'd like to get rid of? Or are you interested in preventing them from ruining your lower body as you age.

I think I just heard you say, "Yes, Joey - I want to improve my lower body. Please help me do it Joey!"

Ok ok, I will help you, but first...

I know what you might be thinking,

"Will this workout REALLY get rid of my cellulite?"

First things first. Cellulite is not a thing that you have.

Its a condition, caused by several factors which have a tremendous impact on the appearance of your lower body. Some of these factors can be completely under your control. The only one that is not controlled by you is your genetics or more precisely - your genetic range. In other words, if you let yourself go, your genetics will ruin your body.

But, if you take control of your life through smart, consistent, PROPERLY STRUCTURED workouts and nutritional habits, you will be in control of how your body looks. Not your genetics!

The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover will be one of the key weapons in your arsenal against poor genetics and the nasty process of aging.

Some of the Ways The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover Will Dramatically Change Your Looks and Your Life:

There will be no more guesswork on which exercises are the best for your stubborn problem areas, they are all included in The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover. Not knowing what to do is no longer an excuse!

The precise way to do six buns tightening, butt-shaping exercises that most people, even trainers, do improperly, rendering them completely ineffective. Start doing these right and you'll literally see changes right before your eyes. (These exercises are VERY popular with female fitness competitors.)

The fast results workout can be done in under 30 minutes, in the privacy of your own home without expensive exercise machines or weights. It also makes for a great travel workout.

Two very simple, buttocks lifting, glute toning, calorie incinerating exercises that are widely known to athletes (have you ever seen a sprinter's lower body?) but almost unheard of by most fitness enthusiasts.

You will look forward to going to the beach in a two-piece, instead of a one-piece and a cover up or not even going to the beach at all. Your self confidence will increase dramatically.

Two hip and thigh firming, waist reducing exercises most trainers will never show you because: a) they never learned them, or b) someone taught them that these two 'size dropping' exercises are dangerous (I have women in their 60's doing them like they're a joke.)

You will know this program is for real from the first time you try it. You will feel the muscles in your butt, hip and thigh area working with each repetition and getting firmer & tighter with each passing week.

Three super easy exercises you can do before you even get out of bed that can shrink the unsightly flab on your hips in just a few weeks. If you have saddle bags or want to prevent them, you need these three exercises.

Your sex life will improve because the muscles targeted are responsible for performance in regular daily activities, sports and love making. (Yeah Baby!)

Five bikini friendly exercises that swimsuit models do to firm up their thighs and butt before their big photo shoots.

You will be able to fit into clothes that you have put into hibernation in the back of your closet because inches will start to disappear after only a few weeks. (Women with flat butt & scrawny leg syndrome, don't worry - if you dont have fat to lose - you will not lose inches, you will build sexy muscle tone.)

The two biggest, most overlooked reasons you may not be making progress. Once you understand these very simple concepts, the improvements in your body will be visible with each passing week.

Three simple exercises you must do a few times each week to prevent your butt from sagging as you get older. Not knowing these will keep you spinning your wheels, looking for the next 'miracle cream'.

The sequence of these specific exercises provide a cardio & sculpting workout at the same time AND boosts your metabolism for increased daily calorie burning and FAT LOSS.

Two inner thigh exercises & three outer thigh exercises that will knock your socks off because they target your trouble spots like laser beams and lead to changes that will bring tears to your eyes.

If your butt is too small or flat, this program WILL help you build a shaplier, rounder butt & thighs. All you have to do is increase your daily calories (healthy ones) just a little, as you follow the program and use light handweights/dumbells on most of the standing exercises.

If the appearance of cellulite is a major challenge for you, or if you want to prevent the appearance of cellulite as you age, The LBHT Makeover will become your 'best friend', because nothing else, and I mean nothing else, will come close to what this proven, simple and effective program will do for you.

OK, now that's just 17 ways The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover will help you dramatically improve your life. The reality is I don't have enough space here to list everything this program will help you with & you probably don't have enough time to read such a long list, but quite truthfully the benefits are endless.

Forget the Crowded & Sweaty Gym, Do This Simple Workout While Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

Women of all ages and fitness levels are achieving great success with this exercise routine and so will you. Soon, you can be on your way to transforming that leg, butt, hip and thigh area, that you hate to look at in the mirror, into a shapely and firmly toned lower body that you want to show off to everybody.

No weights, no machines, no health club membership, no dealing with 'the gym crowd', no wasted time driving to and from the fitness center, no inconvenient hours ----> all this means NO EXCUSES !

You can do this exercise program anytime, anywhere - 12 noon, 12 midnight or 5am - the choice is yours. A mat, an exercise ball and a step are all you need to make the improvements you want so bad.

No need to do your make-up and your hair... Nobody to impress - It's just you and me (on the video).

You can even do this program naked if you want to. You won't get away with that at your local health club ! (This is some of my sense of humor coming through.)

You Won't See These Exercises in a Typical Health Club

And here is why...

Fitness centers and health clubs are filled with big, expensive machines. No matter what kind of program you are looking for, the instructors are going to put you through a typical general leg circuit doing one set on each machine for twelve reps and so on.


Of course, they are not going to show you a workout routine that doesn't need a single exercise machine. They'd be out of business!

The truth is, toning and firming up your leg, butt, hip and thigh area is not acheived by using all those weight machines, and heavy dumbells and barbells that could get you all pumped up with much more muscle than you were looking to build, or cause serious, long term injuries! (we've all heard these horrible stories, right?)

The real magic of this program lies in the combination of non-weighted and body weight exercises, put together in a sequence that makes you feel as if your lower body is getting firmer, shaplier and sexier with each workout. (Because it actually is!)

Here Are Some Recent Success Stories...

"Hi Joey,
Its Amanda here. I've done your workouts now for a week and its great. I feel like I'm already firming up and unlike the isolation exercises I was given to do before by the trainers at my gym, my legs don't feel heavy and bulky. They feel long and firm & my butt is shaplier, I'm so excited to see these results! Thanks Mate"
- Amanda Tedesco

"Joey, I'm totally in love with the L,B,H & T Makeover workout videos.I have been working out now for going on 8 years and I do not feel as though I get the same quality workout from the gym as I do with your workout dvd's. I'm a pretty petite person, and only 115 lbs, but it seems like as soon as I turned 29 cellulite became a problem for me on the backs of my thighs and butt...

So, I've been working out hard with your dvd's and I just know this will eventually do the trick in getting rid of that problem for me. I have only just begun with your workout regime, but I can feel it working already. I will keep you posted on my progress.You can use this testimonial on your website if you think it will help other women. I really do swear by your work outs as I can already see the difference a week made, and yes, your response to my last email really did help. Thanks again for all your help."
- Crystal Phillips

“My time is extremely limited & I prefer not to workout in a crowded fitness center. The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover DVDs give me a foolproof, highly targeted, toning and fat-burning workout that I can do at home or at a hotel if I am traveling. Any woman who wants to improve her body and health needs these workouts.”
- Kara Hollingsworth

"This workout has firmed up muscles that I didn't even know I had in my leg, butt, hip and thigh area. If you are looking for fat & cellulite reduction and better looking buttocks, legs, hips, and thighs you just found your solution."
- Deb Schiller

" Joey, I just wanted to say thanks for making the Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover DVD's. I, along with several of my friends, have been using your DVD's for about two weeks. I must say that even though I have exercised for many years, after doing your first DVD, we were all feeling it. After two weeks, we already feel and see results. We women have been waiting for something that we could do that would tone us up without making us muscular, and we have found it. We will keep you posted on our results over the next several months. Thanks for making an exercise program that all women can do in the privacy of their own home that produces great results in the areas that we need it the most!! Keep up the good work, Joey!!!"
- Christi Rowe

"Joey, as I write this I'm in tears. Tears of pain, knowing how much money I wasted before I found you and tears of joy seeing what your program has done for me and my life. I learned this the hard way. The creams, the pills, the wraps… None of them worked. The dramatic changes started after following Your simple program for about a month. So far I’ve dropped 6 sizes & I am now able to wear clothes that I never thought I’d be able to wear again.”
- Valerie Knight

"Joey, this is good! That one exercise alone made me the butt, hip and thigh specialist at the health club. I'm going to get the DVDs so I can really WOW them... Joey the exercises are just amazing! So often they do not feel the exercises in their leg, butt, hip and thigh area. This definitely takes care of that problem, I've got husbands telling me their wife's butt is getting more and more firm and how they are excited about it. The DVDs will definitely help my business. Where in the world did you get these exercises from? Amazing stuff!"
- Geovanni Derice, Fitness Pro, NY

"Joey, congratulations on your success. I'm the one with the bad knees who couldn't do the squats and lunges. Your suggestion to hold onto a ballet bar (or equivalent) is working very well. I can now do 10 Modif Squats and 10 TeeDees - only 10 and holding on for some of my weight - but that is 10 more than I could do when we talked.

My knees are not bothering me and I can feel it working. I aspire to do much more, but I know it will come slowly. Meanwhile - the strangest thing. My knees no longer hurt after my 3 mile walk. It is definitely related! Meanwhile, on all the other amazing exercises (non squats and lunges) I am up to 15 times 2 sets, including the hard ones with the exercise ball. I feel great and already see glimmers of some results. I am very energized by your approach and it is so much easier to be able to do it in my own home whenever I can get to it. I just wanted to say thank you."
- Sally (last name withheld at request)

Its Almost Too Good To Be True...

But it is as real as you reading this right now: A unique, results delivering workout that you can do anywhere, anytime. Some of my clients call this workout...

The Butt Transforming Workout


Because they say "it's like a fat burning, glutes toning, butt lifting, hip curving, buttocks firming, flab reducing, cellulite cure"...

Look, if you are happy with the way your leg, butt, hip and thigh area looks and you love being seen in a bikini, then you don't need these DVDs. But, if you've read this far, it is highly likely that you do not like the way your lower body looks and feels. You know it can be firmer, sexier, more toned and shapely, but you are not sure how to make it happen.

Try to add up all the money you have spent on improving your body. I'm serious, just stop and think about all the crazy things you have wasted your money on. All of the miracle lotions, magic pills, body wraps, diet juices, and silly gadgets and gizmos that have done absolutely nothing for you.

It makes you kind of sick, doesn't it?

You're probably wondering, "How does he know this?"

First things first. My name is Joey Atlas and the truth is, I help people like you everyday. I do this for a living and I've been doing it since the late eighties.

I have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and I'm a contributing writer for OnFitness Magazine as well as ClubLife Magazine. My articles have also been published in other magazines outside of fitness: for example, click here to read 'Five Steps To Fitness' - this was recently published in the Costco Connection, a publication for Costco's worldwide customer base. I also appear regularly on Jacksonville's WJXT Channel 4 - The Morning Show, covering various fitness and nutrition related topics throughout the year.

I know what people go through to find ways to get into better shape. I know what works and I know what doesn't.

The popularity and effectiveness of the very DVDs that you are reading about has earned me the only spot as Fitness Writer for the world famous Venus Swimwear Company. (Click here to read my most recent 'Summer Ready' Fitness article in Venus's online newsletter - when you get there just scroll down a little.) Don't worry, it opens in a new window so you won't lose this page.

Maybe you're still not sure if I'm for real - and I can understand that. The internet is loaded with fraudualent marketers and websites that are only after one thing, your money. I've seen what else is out there - most of it is absolute trash, a good bunch of it is outdated, improperly presented, confusing and potentially harmful.

There are only a small handful of fitness websites, out of the millions out there, that are credible enough to pay attention to, and reliable enough to put your trust and faith into - this is one of them.

Here is a recent article that was published in the Jacksonville Business Journal - Fitness For The World - focusing on how I've changed my business model from training people all day to producing and marketing affordable and highly effective fitness videos to clients around the world.
(it will open as a PDF file in a new window - so you may need to diable your pop-up blocker to read it.)

I know there are thousands and thousands of people out there that I can help (this includes you). However, because of geographic limitations and substantial training fees, only a small number of people have the ability to work with me on a one-on-one basis.

But, I'm on a mission. A mission to help people just like you finally discover something that actually works and is worth so much more than what you paid for it.

I created this DVD set in order to make my knowledge and expertise available to people around the world. And, one by one, as each of you purchases this simple and effective workout routine, and follows it consistently, you will help me accomplish my mission, as you experience the life changing results that you are capable of.

More Inspiring Success Stories

"Dear Joey (please excuse my english ;-),

When I started your program I was an out of shape and flabby size 11 at 147 lbs. My lower body was the worst. Jiggly inner thighs that rubbed together and cellulite on my buttocks and the back sides of my thighs. It made me very self conscious and depressed - and at 45 years old this was not good. After just a few months of your program I am down to a firm and curvy size 4 at 125 lbs! Here are my before and after photos to show you my successes. Look how puffy and bloated I look in the first 2 photos. I always used to wear black to try and cover my imperfections, especially my butt.


Here (below) is what I look like now, Joey! My legs, butt, hips and thighs are tight and toned with beautiful lifted shape, my belly rolls are gone and my arms don't jiggle anymore.


I've been trying for years to get my body back, and after only 2 months of following your advices - I have made dramatic changes - I am amazed myself. I get so many compliments from friends and family - they all want to know how I did it and I just tell them, Joey Atlas! You have changed my life Joey - I feel young, healthy and sexy again! I have so much energy and my spirit is alive.

Please feel free to use my photos and informations to help inspire other women who have tried many things but failed.

Millions of thank yous to you,"
- Chantal Marandola

"Hey there, Joey, Just wanted to email you to say thank you very much for the dvds you have made. I used Level One first this morning and it felt great. I had been doing the one exercise you give to get you started whilst waiting for the dvds to be deliverd and that is excellent! I can feel every muscle in my leg , thigh, and bum area working. I have used that exercise for just over a week every other day. I can already feel & see the difference. Today I got to include it with the other exercises you give in the dvd. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about buying the dvds. But I am really glad I did. Im sure you hear this all the time but... Thank You!! - Hannah B., UK

"Hi Joey (here's an update), I'm still using your exercises from the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh DVDs and enjoy them and do find they work. You might recall that you did a consultation with me. I was a 60 year old, not fit woman with bad knees and you gave me tips for the squats and lunges. I used your tips and, while I still hold on for balance and confidence, I am now quite capable of holding my weight on squats and lunges and feel very strong and good. Your other exercises work for me as well and I'm down 40 pounds from when I started. It's a New Me. I find your emails very motivational. Thanks Good luck on your new ventures." - Sally (last name withheld by request)

"Dear Joey, your dvd the hip butt and thigh makeover is the best thing I have ever done, and I used to teach aerobics, so I am pretty fit. I needed something for that area though, because no matter what I did, I never got the results I wanted. Anyway, after probably the second time, I noticed some little toned muscles in my legs!! I will keep you posted regarding my progress as I continue to tone up. I think this is perfect." - Maria DeLeo "Joey, I love your no nonsense way of teaching the exercises on your video. It really works for me, (a perky size two telling me (insincerely) that I can do it, just doesn"t do it. ) Thanks again for your simple but effective method, it's what I've been looking for." - Myra

"Hi Joey, Thanks a lot, I've tried all the fad workouts and none of them ever worked or made me feel like I did anything. This one I can tell right from the start that it's working. This is what I was looking for, real workouts for normal people looking for real results. Awesome :0)... Well, since I fell in love with the LBHT Makeover I had to order the Abs & Core video!! I know I've been e-mailing you frequently but I had to tell ya that I am really pleased with what you put together and I can't wait to get the core DVD's. Thanks again :0)" - Rebecca Bookman 25, Akron Ohio

"Hi Joey - I just finished my first session with your level one DVD. I wanted to share with you how much I appreciated your "No Nonsense" approach. My muscles are reacting and I remember how much I used to "like" that feeling. Thanks for that. I'll keep you posted. " - All the best to you! - Martha

"Joey, You are my mentor. I am trying to excell in this field somewhat the same way you are. Thank you for your DVDs & newsletters. They touch a lot of people in ways you'll never know. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you." - Shellane Gammons

"I want to thank you for making the lower body workout dvd! I have been working out to them now for going on a month and I can see some real results. My legs haven't been this firm in years and I have been working out for going on 10 years now. I have to say, I'm getting a much better workout with your dvd's than I did when I spent 2 hours in the gym working my lower body. My legs have the definition that I have always wanted and I can see those dimples starting to fade. I look forward to next week when I start level two of your program. I just wanted to thank you again for caring about us women enough to make a program that lifts our self-esteem 100%. " - Sincerely, - Crystal Phillips

"Joey, I ordered The Leg, Hip, Butt and Thigh DVDs as my last hope. Nothing else has ever worked, but I said , 'let me just try this program' I am naturallly quite bulky in my lower body area and ALWAYS found it stubborn to tone up without bulking up at the same time. Your workout really targets every muscle of the legs - I have done this workout every two days around 3 times per week & people are starting to tell me that I look as though I have lost weight. I haven't lost much weight yet (its only been a couple of weeks but I have soooo toned up!! My butt has lifted... my hamstrings are tight and toned and my hips feel slimmer (my clothes fit better) ... Amazingly, this workout has also toned my stomach as well. I recommend this workout to everyone!! Your posture will improve and you will certainly feel & see definitive changes. P.S. - I can't wait to get the AB/Core work out - oh and by the way...... your workout truly is the BOMB!! It's what I have been looking for and I can't believe I found you." - Julie Chantery - Australia

"Hi Joey. I fell upon your website by accident but I have enjoyed your newsletter! I started doing that 3rd best leg, butt, hip and thigh exercise and it really does work - WOW! I just ordered your tapes ( DVDs, I hope). Because I know this is what is going to finally work for me! You seem genuine, enthusiastic and knowledgeable - all key qualities of a good trainer and teacher. I think this will be the first program I will actually use. After all, summer is almost here (although it is 20 degrees out tonight here in New Jersey ). thanks ! wish me luck!" - Diane Famula

"Wow, Joey! Your DVD's are where the rubber meets the road - none of the fluff. I get so tired of that 'inspirational' garbage sometimes - just give me what I need. That's what these DVD's do. Nothing wrong with the inspirational stuff - it's just not for me. The LBHTM really works all of the muscles in those areas to the point of fatigue without pain - there's a difference between burn and pain. The day after I did it the first time, my legs were a little stiff, which was great. Other programs I've tried make you so sore you can't move for days. That seems to defeat the purpose for me because any benefit I might have gained was lost because I had to start over every few days. The ab workouts are definitely different than what I've done in the past. I like how they target all the muscles in the torso. I could really feel it the next day and after one day off, I could do it again. I've done the workout 4 times now and I can already see some definition in my upper abs. The approach is unique on both workouts and I'm looking forward to the upper body DVD's. I like having a personal trainer in my home, available at my command, without the fees. I'm going to reach my goal and as God as my witness, I will wear a bikini this summer! - Audra Buckley, Dallas, TX

"Hi Joey, I did the workout, session once and loved it. I only did it once as I have come down with pneumonia. Anyways, you do a great job of explaining how the exercises are to be done and I especially liked how you show them from front and side view. Great job. I'll keep you posted on my progress. These are very unique but simple - and I know these are going to work for me, Cheers! - Lori McColl

Do You Want to be a 'Success Story' Also?

I want to add your success story to the list too.

But even if you don't send me your story - wouldn't you like to be your own success story - and experience that kind of happiness?

Ok, Joey. So What Exactly Do I Get?

2008 Ultimate Leg Butt Hip and Thigh Makeover - Professional Remake Edition

Here is What You Receive:

1) DVD # 1 - Level 1 ________________ $24.99 (when sold separately)

2) DVD # 2 - Level 2 ________________ $24.99 (when sold separately)

3) Level 3 Combining Method __________ $18.99

4) Maintenance Prog. Plan ___ $25.97

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Ultimate Stair Exercises - E-book from Stair Fitness Specialist, Virgil Aponte: Almost 100 pages of complete, full body workouts utilizing nothing but stairs. This ebook will also help you get started as soon as your order is placed, the download link is on the 'Thank you' page - so you are already 'in the groove' by the time my DVDs get to you. This ebook is easily worth over $50 - the programs are top notch and they are adjustable for all fitness levels. This is truly unique & you will not see a program like this anywhere else.

 FREE Gift # 7) Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover Travel Cheat Sheets - take these on the road when you can't bring, or won't have access to a dvd player. Exactly what you need to stay on the program when you are away from home without the dvds.
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1 - Fat Reduction, Slimming and Firming Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

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"Joey, I understand it is a 2 DVD set (Levels 1 and 2 together)
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I recently did a Q & A with, Fitness Colleague, Mandy Gibbons of Virtual Fitness Trainer - out of Australia. Incidently the Q & A ended up looking like a list of the most frequently asked questions I get on a daily basis via email and phone regarding the Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover DVDs.

Here it is...

Question: How does this program deliver results for various levels of users?

Extreme Beginners - Beginners can do this at home - there is no need for weights and machines. All that is necessary is some floor space, an exercise mat, a small step or staircase and an exercise ball. The Level One program is flexible and you can do half in the morning and the other half at night or even the next day. This helps the extreme beginner make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

B) Intermediates - People who already follow a routine can add this program into their current routine or substitute it in place of their current lower body workout program. By implementing a program that specifically targets the areas they want to improve, in a way that is, most likely, more efficient, fun and safe - the user can stick with this long term. The factors of variation, exercise combos & sequences, and consistency, stimulate changes in body composition and muscle toning that the previous routine or routines could not bring about.

C) Advanced - Most advanced users are accustomed to traditional programs of weights and machines. The LBHTM focuses on bodyweight and gravity to provide the necessary resistance required to elicit a 'training effect'. While weights and machines can be useful in an overall fitness program, they are only one possible ingredient. Advanced exercisers get into a mindset that believes any program that doesn't include the use of weights and machines just can't be as effective.

This mindset causes people to get stuck at never-ending 'plateaus' - even after increasing variables such as weights, sets and repetitions (at some point this becomes counterproductive and dangerous). The unfortunate part is this belief is reinforced by many trainers. The reality is, a program that is put together, AND followed, properly doesn't require any of the traditional tools that most fitness/workout programs promote.

Question: Joey you mentioned that a F.A.Q. that you see on a daily basis is, "My butt is very flat and my legs are too skinny, can the LBHTM add roundness to my butt and shapely muscle tone to my legs and thighs?"

Most definitely! While most women are interested in losing fat and flab and removing the appearance cellulite while toning and firming (about 83% of women purchase the LBHTM for these reasons - mostly by word of mouth referral - because they've seen it work for someone else.) - there are also many women that are challenged by lower bodies that are too skinny and flat with no sexy, well-toned curves.

The LBHTM "CAN NOT" make a skinny and flat lower body skinnier and flatter - it can only make your lower body fuller & shaplier. This program causes those areas to grow... (if you are carrying extra fat & flab, DO NOT WORRY, it can ONLY cause skinny & flat lower bodies to become fuller & rounder - for women with extra fat & saddle bags the program reduces, tightens, tones & sculpts) ...and the way to make this (make your lower body fuller & shaplier.) happen even faster is for the user to increase daily caloric intake - simply by eating more of the foods they already eat.

Since there are usually no extra pounds and fat to lose - the muscles react immediately to this program by expanding in size and firmness. In most cases, women who want to build up their lower bodies see great results within 2 - 3 weeks.

Question: Why is this program ideal for women, regardless of age?

First and foremost, proper exercise is absolutely necessary for women of all ages - the health benefits are too long to list and extremely important. It doesn't matter if you are 14 years old or 84. The essence of this program lies in the format and sequence of proper exercise instruction, attention to form & breathing, and gradual progression.

It's not about grueling gym workouts or high intensity, weights & machine type exercises. It's about using specific muscle groups with proper form and tempo. Bodyweight and gravity are two elements we must deal with, whether we are fit or not. So, why not use it to become fit, toned and sexy? As long as you have received clearance to exercise from your doctor, you can follow this program with continuous progress and success.

If you are unsure about your ability to do this program, that should not be an obstacle, but rather another reason why you should be motivated to do it. If, in the video, I say, "You should do 12 - 15 of these", there is nothing wrong with you doing only 4 - 5. As you gain more self confidence and get more in tune with your body's response to the exercises, you can add more repetitions until you are in line with the Progression Plans.

Question: Busy schedules are always a challenge for women with kids and a career. Why is this program a great fit for someone who has a tight or unpredictable schedule?

A gym or health club membership isn't necessary because this program can be done anywhere, anytime. At home, the office, a hotel, or a friends house - in the middle of the day or middle of the night. It doesn't matter where or when, the results will still come.

B) The whole workout doesn't have to be completed in one session. If you only have 20 minutes to spare - just put the DVD in, follow along for as long as you can and pick up where you left off later the same day or the next day.

Question: You've had clients with different physical challenges (bad knees, bad back, etc.) use this program quite successfully. What are some of the most common physical problems encountered & what modifications of this program will allow clients to work around those challenges?

The most common problems are 'bad knees' and 'bad backs'. My first suggestion, always, is "Get clearance to exercise from your physician." And find out if there are any specific restrictions or guidelines. The most helpful solution for clients with bad knees is to reduce the range of motion for any exercise that bothers them.

For example, if any variation of the bodyweight lunges bothers the knees, just go through ¼ or 1/3 of the whole movement. If that is tolerable, keep at it for several weeks. Then try to increase your range of motion to ½ and then 3/4 and then eventually to complete range, IF POSSIBLE. This works extremely well for clients who are especially afraid of working out with weights and machines. Many clients report 'surprising success' with this gradual approach and some even eliminate what started out as an obstacle that prevented them from following the full program.

For clients with 'bad backs', the most effective recommendation is to stay away from any exercise that bothers the problem area, while focusing on the exercises that do not bother the back. As progress is made, and the back gets stronger, the exercises that bothered the back can be gradually introduced into the program.

Question: This program can be varied in the advanced levels for those who want a greater challenge. What are your top 3 variations that you use with your own clients?

The first variation is adding light ankle weights to the floor exercises. I emphasize the word 'light' because it's easy to lose form and focus if the weights are too heavy.

B) The second variation is adding very light dumbbells to some of the standing exercises. Again, I emphasize the word 'light' for the same reasons mentioned above.

C) The third variation is to do these workouts after a 20 or 30 minute cardio workout. The cardio workout, depending on the intensity, can pre-fatigue the muscles of the lower body, making the LBHTM workouts more challenging.

==>> If there are any questions that you have about this program, please feel free to email them to me & I will add them and the answers to this Q & A, if appropriate.

Who's Your Trainer?

You do the math - My clients pay almost $4,000 for 16 weeks of training with me, you'll invest only $39.97 for results delivering workout routines that you can do for the rest of your life - without getting bored. It's like having your own Personal Trainer for 78 cents per week for a year! And you get to keep and use the DVDs forever!

These DVDs take you step by step through a comlete progression of leg, butt, hip and thigh transforming workouts.

The workouts, at any level, can be adjusted according to your schedule and fitness goals.

I've put 8 years of education (BS- Exercise Science, SUNY Buffalo, 4 years & MS - Exercise Physiology, LIU Dobbs Ferry, 4 years) and 19 years of hands on experience into these DVDs.


If they don't work for you I will refund your $39.97 and you keep the free gifts.

That's my personal guarantee to you. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. All you have to do is send me an email and the DVDs and your refund will be issued immediately.

You can waste more money on some 'thigh spring' or 'super cellulite shorts' or you can make a small, smart investment in something that will bring you definitive results, guaranteed.

How much longer are you going to wait before you do the right thing for your body, mind and spirit?

Why Don't You be the Person at the Next Party or Social Gathering That Everybody is Complementing and Talking (good) About?

Picture yourself at the next wedding, party, reunion or during your next vacation. Are you ready for that dress you would love to wear? Are you prepared to put on that bathing suit or bikini? Could you do it tomorrow if you had to? Would you be happy about it - as you look at yourself in the mirror today?

You choose - Are you going to spend $70 or $80 dollars on some plastic 'butt box' or 'miracle hip and thigh seat' that you will end up giving away, throwing away or selling at your next garage sale or would you rather spend less than $40 on a completely unique custom designed program you can do anywhere, anytime without some flimsy thigh gadget?

Or would you rather be suckered into buying another 'body-sculpting' rip-off vitamin, juice or cream?

Your results will never come in a bottle.

Now, we can only sell a limited number at this extremely low price. Quantity is limited and there will be no rainchecks issued, so if you are serious about making the improvements that got you to this website in the first place then get your DVDs now. (These DVDs are region free and will play in any country.)

You can keep poking around the internet, wasting a lot of time, looking at all this scattered, outdated and dangerously confusing 'fitness info' from god knows who - or you can make your move right now to grasp what you have been seeking. Remember, things happen for a reason - and you found this website for a reason - it was no accident.

"OK Joey, I Want You to Be My Trainer!"

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Still not sure? No problem.
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 1-866-Yes-Joey (1-866-937-5639) and let me answer any questions.

If you don't get me, or my assistant, Pam, just leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Try calling the 'inventors' of some of these assenine 'body sculpting gizmo' ripoffs.

Forget about it!

You'll probably get some 'customer service' rep who doesn't know the first thing about smart, specifically targeted exercise programming.

The reality is, you'd be nuts to pass this up. So, if you are ready change your leg, butt, hip and thigh area forever just scroll down to order.

If you are not ready, what's stopping you?

The truth is, the only thing stopping you is your own doubt. Admit it. You're asking yourself things like...
* Does this program really work?
* Will it work for me?
* Should I trust this guy about what he's telling me?
All good questions, of course.
But it's that very voice of self doubt that is keeping you from moving forward and achieving your goals. This may be tough to understand, but self doubt is the reason most people don't take action, and consequently why most people stay stuck right where they are. Do you want to stay right where you are (AND get worse with age)? Or do you want to improve?

Obviously, my 1 Year, 100% Guarantee is beyond fair. You can't lose.

So, here's the real question:

Are You Ready to Take Action, or Are You Still Letting Self Doubt Stop You?

Remember, self doubt is self sabotage at work. Are you going to control it, or let it control you?

The choice is yours. Are you ready?

"Joey, I don't want to be like everybody else. I want to be
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Don't be like everybody else... Be fit!

Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology
PS - If you are totally satisfied with how your leg, butt, hip and thigh area looks and feels, then of course you don't need these DVDs. But if you think your butt, hip and thigh area can be better than it is right now, then The Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover will make it happen! Remember, you have a whole year to send it back for a REFUND if you are not satisfied with your results.
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