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Leg Butt Hip & Thigh Workouts and Exercises, 'Home' Issue
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"How To Do One of The Best Thigh Exercises For Firm, Beautifully Shaped Thighs And A Sexy Lower Body With
No More Unattractive Cellulite and
No More Depressing Flab...

by Joey Atlas, M.S. - Exercise Physiology

Joey Atlas Demonstrates One of the Best
Butt and Thigh Exercises in the Universe
At a Womens' Fitness Workshop

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- 3 Main Goals of Women Who Want Better Lower Bodies
- The Synergy Between Foods and Certain Exercises
- The Muscles of Your Lower Body - Secrets to Success
- Rip-Off Exercise Gadgets, Scam Lotions, Bogus Pills
- Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery, Lipo, Implants
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You don't disillusion people, you enlighten them. Think about it!...

So many people in the health field are all about disillusionment! Man, that aggravates me! As a personal fitness trainer myself, I take the "personal" part very seriously. (I wish you and I COULD sit together in a coffee shop and discuss this!...We could go on for hours....) Well, I don't know if you read all your emails, but I hope you read this one and know that there's a fit 40-ish woman in Wyoming who thinks you are pretty great!

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Updated DVD Version

"Hi Joey, I just placed my order for your Abs/Core, Upper Body and Optimum Flexibility DVD sets. I have previously purchased the Butt, Hip, and Thigh DVDs. They are awesome! My three daughters are also using them and we all agree the program really works! The changes are amazing. We have shelves of fitness DVDs from all the 'big names' - but none of them compare to what you have put together in your programs. Your common sense approach is refreshing, fun and inspiring. We are ready for more and so I ordered the whole boatload today. Thanks for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and good, solid info. We'll keep you posted on our progress."
 -- Stefanie A. Hacker - Hamilton, Ohio

"Hi Joey, I received your dvd package in the mail yesterday and I just did the Level 1 dvd and (wow) THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST BUTT HIP AND THIGH WORKOUT I HAVE EVER DONE..and I have done just about all there is out there, from the buns of steel videos to billy blanks tae bo ultimate butt workout and I LOVE yours. When you say you can feel it working you really can feel it working from the very first workout...I did 1 set of 15 on all the leg, butt, hip and thigh exercises and wow.....& I thought I was in great shape! I always thought in order to get a good workout you have to use the heavy weights to get the results, but after just finishing this workout I can feel the burn right where I'm supposed to - Without weights or machines !! ...Great dvds... looking forward to the upper body one ....Thanks ALOT",
--- Cheryl Shepherd
"Dear Joey, I wanted to follow up from the extremely short note I had sent prior to now. My first exercises started with Denise Austin, Charlene Prickett, Gilad Janklowicz and the like...
I've found though, since I am getting older the above exercises were needing something extra to stave off the troubled areas such as the legs, butt, hips, thighs, and abs. I needed to fine tune the results I was getting, add real flexibility and stave off varicose veins. I then purchased the newest firm exercises on a slant step which seem to work for me but results came slow this time. So now I was on the trail of continuing to add to what I was already comes Core Secrets which again seemed to help. Now this was taking up too much time! The vicious cycle continues...hah!
Well, I lucked up on your website while surfing the net. I must tell you prior to this I was looking profusely for an Ab exercise dvd that would work my lower upper abs were, I thought, in middle age spread until I ran into your lower body dvds. Now note, I have purchased about 20 different exercise videos over the past 24 years with 7 of them being several months ago.
I purchased your Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover DVDs and was too pleased because I have always been bloated even though I exercised like crazy. I was very skeptical because nothing I had purchased over the years worked so quickly. With your program the bloat left from my thigh area that night and within two weeks the skin started skin in the Legs Butt Hips & Thighs area smoothed out, no more crinkling or crunching look of the skin. I feel as of now, with your DVDs I've found the real secret of targeted exercises, thanks so much to you.
After having 3 children many, many years ago I wasn't sure if my fitness would ever 'come back'. Thanks to your simple & straightforward DVDs - my fitness is coming back & I'm very excited about the continued results.
Sorry! this is a long email but wanted to relay the results from my full perspective unlike I had done prior to now which sounded unbelieveable. Again, Thanks SO SO Much! PS I really enjoyed that one ab exercise you said your wife gave you. Also note some of these exercises I had done before but not very slow which makes a big difference. It definitely works which you already know, right? Keep them coming!"
- Kai Sami

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